Lacie external hard drive not showing up on mac

Here's how to fix external hard drive not detected/recognized error on a Mac - follow these easy steps to connect any disk drive to your macOS.
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I have an external LaCie drive as a backup where I keep important files I also have a second Seagate backup for the same files.

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  • External Hard Drive Not Showing Up on Mac? Here's How to Fix It.
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Yesterday the LaCie suddenly stopped mounting on the desktop. I can't access it at all. It does not appear in Disk Utility either. Ive checked the cables and connections. I've plugged it onto a laptop where it appears and functions normally so the problem lies within the computer somehow. I don't know what else to do to fix the situation. Another odd thing is that the second external backup drive, the Seagate, has been disappearing after some of the restarts, then reappearing after other restarts. But even when it's not visible on the desktop it is visible in Disk Utility. Unlike the LaCie which is just completely undetectable.

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Thanks in advance for any help. Gungho , I did try a different port. And like I said, the same cable worked to mount it on another computer so the cable works. This similar to a problem I've had with a Lacie drive where the computer sees the drive controller but not the drives. Leave the computer on. Unplug the usb cable from the drive and the computer.

Lacie External Hard Drive Stopped showing up on my Mac | Tom's Hardware Forum

Unplug the Lacie drive from the power outlet. Plug the Lacie drive back into the power outlet. Wait a minute. Plug the usb cable back into the drive and then back into the computer.

Lacie External Hard Drive Stopped showing up on my Mac

I-baLL , thanks I just tried that but no dice. What OS does your laptop run? OSX or Windows? Since you haven't responded yet, I'll give you my train of thought: Windows can't see Mac file systems.

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If that's the case then maybe this thread will apply to you: I-baLL its a Mac , The drive has been working fine for a few years, it just suddenly stopped showing up. Read More before installing major updates or upgrading macOS to the next major version. Even disk first aid or whatever the hell they call it now on the external drives?

Read More for details relevant to your machine. It's called Apple Service Diagnostic, and we'll show you how to get it and use it for best results. Read More.

If you have a problem with a particular USB port, you might want to invest in a hub to make the most of your remaining connectivity. It might also be time to start thinking about upgrading to another machine, since this could be indicative of bigger problems.

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  6. Not everyone safely ejects their drives, especially small USB flash drives used primarily for data transfer. Larger external hard drives that store a lot of precious data are more worthy of your patience, however. You can eject a drive in several ways:. Here are all your options for adding more storage space to your MacBook. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. For the majority of the time my USB will not show up in Finder. I am using a 27 inch 5K Mac. Yes, after rebooting it will be there, but why should I have to conduct a complete reboot and wait for ages just to see my USB. As I also need to use a particular Windows piece of software, I am also running Parallels and Windows 10 on the same Mac. Guess what? I am sick of reading shallow advice about what to do to make the USB appear on the Mac when this is entirely a Mac problem which should be fixed by them before releasing almost daily software updates that do absolutely nothing.

    Love the advice to always amke sure to use Time Machine to back up the Mac. HD is only blinking after connected to the laptop, Mac can't detect it.

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    Tried change cables, adapters, run Disk Utility, and connected to other laptops Any suggestions on what I can try next? Not so evident when there is a storm or blackout Top Deals.

    Mac or Macbook can't detect my external drive. Troubleshooting tips.

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